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Tracey Guminski :

Tracey Guminski
Licensed Transaction Manager / Realtor

Cell: 417-322-9082

Originally from the Central Coast of California, Tracey and her husband moved to Southwest Missouri in 2006, driven to advance her career in the better menswear industry. This new chapter in life was marked by exciting travels throughout the United States and Europe, designing world-class menswear and accessories and marketing to high-end menswear retailers and department stores, such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman. She excelled in her role, skillfully managing multiple product launches, each contributing to her as a successful business professional.

During this time, Tracey was pivotal in propelling those brands to unparalleled heights, leaving an indelible mark through national market shows, captivating catalog publications, and website management. Her extraordinary skills and unwavering dedication fostered lasting connections with her colleagues in the industry still today.

After nearly 20 years in the menswear industry, Tracey was ready to pursue new horizons and decided to join Gerken & Associates in 2016, initially as an Office Administrator. However, her determination quickly propelled her to the role of Closing Coordinator. Through this role, Tracey gained invaluable experience handling a multitude of sales contracts, seamlessly navigating the intricacies of MLS listing presentations, and skillfully managing essential bookkeeping tasks.

In 2021, Tracey shifted to the role of full-time Executive Assistant to Brokers, Yulia and Charlie Gerken, at Hustle Back Realty. Far surpassing the typical scope of administrative duties, Tracey brings an in-depth understanding of the day-to-day business operations, helping to make well-informed decisions on behalf of the company. Her organizational prowess is unmatched, ensuring the team operates with peak efficiency and optimal use of resources.

With a perfect blend of firmness and grace, Tracey navigates broker communications while upholding the utmost discretion and confidentiality. This ensures a professional environment of trust and security. Tracey's proactive nature, combined with her remarkable ability to adapt swiftly to evolving situations, solidifies her role as an invaluable asset to Yulia and Charlie Gerken.

Tracey is a licensed Realtor, a credential she earned after graduating from Lifetime Learning's Real Estate and Appraisal School in Springfield, Missouri. Her qualification stands as a testament to her dedication to professional growth and understanding of the real estate industry. This allows her to engage more effectively in various aspects of real estate transactions and client services.

Assisting in various stages of a property deal, from initial inquiries to closing procedures, Tracey adds significant value to client interactions and negotiations. Her licensure also means she is well-versed in legal and regulatory aspects, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks. Furthermore, Tracey's ability to directly engage with clients and properties enhances the efficiency and scope of the brokerage operations. Plus, it's her heart to serve every client as a personal friend.

With over two decades of professional expertise under her belt, Tracey Guminski brings an unrivaled wealth of knowledge to the team. She takes great pride in surpassing expectations and looks forward to exceeding yours, too.

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