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Our Real Estate Services

The difference in real estate starts with us

Hustle Back Realty helps people buy and sell homes in the most cost efficient, stress-free method possible. We negotiate what's important to you, including protecting your interests and keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

All our agents are professionally licensed Realtors. In addition to being licensed by Missouri to sell real estate, Hustle Back Realty belongs to the National Association of Realtors and abides by a strict Code of Ethics.

Residential sellers

Ever watch a house in your neighborhood sell in a weekend and then another one take six months? The right agent makes all the difference!

If you're looking to sell, Hustle Back Realty is the team to interview! We'll come out to your property and based upon its condition and that of the market, compare it to historical sales data of property that's recently sold in your area. Once we've helped you determine a price, we'll offer you suggestions on best presenting your property to the current market.

In choosing us to be your Realtor, we'll submit your property to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and get busy marketing it right away. We'll then begin talking to as many area sales agents as we can about your property so that their buyers are aware of your listing. That way, instead of having just one agent working for you, you'll soon have hundreds!

Hustle Back Realty offers aggressive marketing plans for our home sellers. Our trained sales and marketing staff design and distribute print advertising, handle website promotion and send targeted mail out to buyers in newspapers, trade magazines and public relations. In doing so, we'll bring forth a larger supply of buyers to hold pricing power and sell your property fast.

We have a local reputation as cooperative and enthusiastic sales agents and take clear instructions on showing policies for your home. Plus, through effective use of the latest technologies, we'll keep you informed on your property throughout the viewing process.

Hustle Back Realty has negotiated thousands of favorable terms and conditions for sellers. After 45 years in the business, we've become like reliable guard dogs at this. We'll make sure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed when it comes to closing.

Please contact me, Charlie Gerken, if you're in the market to sell or are considering it. My team would like to check out your property and see how we can assist you best.

Residential buyers

Over 90 percent of home buyers use an agent. Why? Because the process of searching for the right home, contract negotiation, financing, and closing can be complex and stressful - especially the first time around!

Things have dramatically changed in the real estate industry over the last 20 years. Homebuyers who haven't made a purchase in a while will find they benefit from working with an experienced agent.

As one of the biggest purchases of your life, home buying can be very intense. Choosing the right salesperson is the first step. You don't want to be sold a house - you want someone to guide you through the process of buying a home.

At Hustle Back Realty, you'll have a Realtor that has your best interests at heart. We'll help you determine the right location, price range, style, and size that best suit your needs. We preview many of the homes available for sale in the Branson community. You won't find us fumbling for the light switch!

We stay current with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and know the Branson Tri-Lakes area in vivid detail. Based upon your criteria, we'll save you time from viewing properties that don't match your needs. And we don't give up searching until you're happy!

Through loan qualification, inspections, final walk-through, and closing, you can always count on us being by your side. We'll explain numerous forms and agreements, all while tracking and recording the entire process.

If you're in the market to buy a home, or even just thinking about it, please call or contact our licensed agents to serve you.

For sale by owners

Selling property quickly takes more than placing an ad in the paper, a sign in the yard and holding open houses. In fact, only 12% of nationally sold homes are done by For Sale By Owners.

If you're ready to give a Realtor a shot at selling your home, you've looked into the right team! Hustle Back Realty can manage all your tasks and assist in saving you time and hassle. We can provide maximum exposure to the greatest number of qualified buyers and get your property sold quickly. In fact, by working to get the best possible price for your home, you'll make money hiring us!

There are many ways in which Hustle Back Realty can help you. First of all, we put up our own finances to market and advertise your home. Trained agents backed by superior marketing support, will design and distribute advertising and targeted mail to buyers in newspapers, trade magazines and public relations.

Professionally designed yard signs are immediately placed on and around your property. And we keep an eye on them too! It's a rare day to see a Hustle Back Realty yard sign lying in the ditch.

Once listed, your home will be immediately placed on,, Zillow, and hundreds more. These websites receive thousands of hits a day from buyers wanting to stay current with the latest Branson area listings.

We also offer the latest trends in online home viewing. We send a professional photographer to come out to your property with camera in hand and create a pictorial tour of your home. Your home will then be available 24 hours a day to preview. Even people in Japan can virtually walk through it!

Our agents have trained experience in handling negotiations, contracts, counter offers, estimating closing costs and net proceeds. Many of the local lenders, surveyors, appraisers, inspectors, and other professionals working in this industry are our friends. You won't have to take a day off work to meet them. That's our job! We'll stick by your side and monitor your transaction all the way through closing day.

When you list with Hustle Back Realty, the whole team represents you. Not just one agent in our office.

Commercial and investment

Ready to sell or invest? For over 45 years, Hustle Back Realty has provided commercial real estate services to the booming Branson community.

Our agents monitor new listings, what markets are experiencing growth, and the latest in demographic and real estate trends. We can help your company determine and allocate real estate costs, all while maintaining detailed reports to keep you informed on the process.

Through guidance and insight to the local market, we provide instant access to opportunities in commercial land, office space, industrial, theaters, residential development and retail space. We have a successful track record of connecting property owners to investors and tenants through real estate transactions, lease negotiations, market research, site evaluation and selection.

Together, we'll help you find the property that best meets your investment objectives.

Property management

Ready to retire from the duties of managing your property? Do you own investment property in Missouri, but live out of state? From office buildings to shopping centers, Hustle Back Realty has been offering successful property management to clients for years.

Our experienced team of professionals can handle all areas of commercial property marketing, leasing and sales. We'll eliminate hours taken from your week by managing the building and processing maintenance regularly. We use only our approved list of qualified service providers for repairs and maintenance.

All our property managers are experienced agents who practice hands-on real estate management. Complete inspections of the building, its systems and outside areas are performed regularly.

We manage property as if it were our own! That rule has always worked well for us. Tenants frequently speak highly of the attention and service we give to them and their accommodations. So do the property owners.

Auction services

A real estate auction allows a seller to choose the date and exact manner in which to sell. More and more heirs and investors consider the auction process to be their efficient sales choice.

Hustle Back Realty has conducted numerous successful auctions. We're capable of representing sellers from a variety of real estate; including single and multi-family residential properties, office buildings, shopping centers, marinas, hotels and land.

We also conduct auctions on all kinds of personal property too; including commercial and industrial machinery, food service equipment, automobiles, household furnishings, antiques and collectibles.

Our auction staff is informed with associated laws and are aware of potential pitfalls to avoid. Trained agents are skilled in applicable promotions and will design and distribute print advertising, website promotion and targeted mail to buyers in newspapers, trade magazines and public relations to bring them out and get it sold.

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