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Hollister MO Real Estate

Hollister MO real estate is in demand and for good reason. For a town that isn't huge in size, it offers a colorful history of the Ozarks. It isn't surprising that so many people look to Hollister Missouri real estate when deciding upon an area to live. If you've been considering purchasing Hollister MO real estate too then chances are you're not alone.

Hollister MO Real Estate: Rich Historical Past

Hollister MO real estate, such as Hollister MO homes for sale, is often close to its rich history dating back to the late 1800s. The town began with a 120-acre tract of land in 1867 Ozarks Mountaintopsowned by Malinda Fortner. However, it wasn't until the beginning of the 20th century when Ruben Kirkham opened a general store and began a post office that the town truly took shape. In 1904, he suggested naming the location after his daughter's birthplace of Hollister, California and the town was officially born. Thanks to the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad, the area grew even more. In addition to convenient transportation, Hollister's environment was the perfect location for farms that raised berries, grapes, vegetables, cotton, and tobacco. In later years, W. H. Johnson and Professor Jay W. Blankenship set out to create a row of Elizabethan structures, which we now call Downing Street. Today, Hollister continues to attract tourists, as well as new residents searching for Hollister MO real estate.

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